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A.A.R. ( no P !)
American Academy in Rome

Entrance Fountain

During my stay as Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, Elizabeth and I lived in an apartment in the main building ( McKim, Mead & White) called 'Il Cortile'. It's name is due to the fact that it overlooks the central courtyard (cortile), but , for that matter  many other apartments had similar views. I guess someone figured that's was the view.


Then, as now, rarely do I paint in Italy, I draw. Pencils and paper are immediate and less cumbersome than paints, easels, etc.  So I draw in Italy and paint when I'm back in my studio.


The apartment was clean and simple with white walls and wooden furniture. Dominating the living room was a white sofa set against the white wall, white on white. A Balthus poster hung on the wall, it seemed to fit. The only color was the red of the cotto floor. I completed the drawing there, but as I was working on the painting back in my studio in the States I couldn't remember the color of the tiles. I knew it was red, but what red?

The White Sofa
James Aponovich
pencil on paper

I needed to return to Rome to paint. This time we rented an apartment in our favorite 'Rione' ( neighborhood) known as Monti.


Monti is next to the ancient Roman Forum. Its name back then was Suburra and it is where ordinary people lived. In order to keep the rif-raf out the Emperor built a wall separating 'them from us'. When Rome burned under Nero it was Suburra that burned, not the Forum. Anyways, now it's a vibrant, totally cool neighborhood with great shops, cafes  and nightlife. It's here that I hope to finish the painting....
Time will tell.

White Sofa ( in progress)
James Aponovich
oil on panel. 16" x 20"

Copyright 2015 James Aponovich
{week 41}

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